Free Fiction

Some free reads…

Well, by far the easiest way is to click on the “Look inside” function on Amazon for one of the published books. As these are all short story collections, you can usually get one or two complete stories in the preview 🙂

Other options below..


The following is a short movie…and it’s found footage…taken by Thomas Edison no less…



Guest illustrated stories…

helpfulsad tina for website freebie

The talented Rodena Borisova has provided some illustrations for a selection of stories from the Cold Horror Anthology. The first is The Story of Helpful Kate, a story which is featured in Volume One, Cold Hands. The Second is The Story of Sad Tina from Volume Two, Cold Stare.


Some earlier versions of stories in the Cold Horror series have already appeared online. These are mostly flash fiction, and not all the links still work, but here they are if you fancy a quick poke around the net:-

“Waiting to be Seen” appeared in Metro Fiction
“Heads” appeared in Kzine (requires purchase)
“Just One Question” appeared in Roar and Thunder
“Walking The Dead” appeared in Tales of the Zombie War.
“Pignus” appeared in Cast of Wonders
“When We Lived In a House” appeared in EveryDayFiction
“In Circles” appeared in EveryDayFiction
“Scream” appeared in Liquid Imagination


Next up: the horrors of (failed) “humour”…

vivien leigh and quote

I was toying with the idea of some regular theme to post (and to force me into having a Twitter account). Although I thought of several in the above line (“Monday Misheard” was going to be the title, a post every Monday), most of them were amusing only to me, or were so surreal to need a lot of work manipulating the pictures, or required images that weren’t creative commons and free to use…

To give you an idea of why it didn’t continue…

“Well, here’s another mice nest you’ve gotten me into!” (Oliver Hardy in a hamster cage?) “You know how to wrestle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your hips together and bow.” (far too contrived) “You can’t handle the troops!” (oddly apt, considering the story)

I’m sure you’ll agree: a lucky escape…


Thanks and happy reading.


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