Cold Touch

COLD TOUCH COVER - andrewcold touch

Available via Amazon.

The COLD HORROR anthology series collects the horror stories of James Livermore.

Volume Three: Cold Touch will take us on a whistle-stop tour and stop off at fifteen places where, quite literally, anything might happen.

Prepare to be haunted by a children’s game, a black cat with its own peculiar agenda, an old religious artefact and a rhyme whose advice just might save your life. We’ll listen to music that might make you scream, stay in a room where something has been patiently waiting for us to close the door behind us, and watch the world as it ends on the next tide. We’ll meet a strange array of characters with strange abilities and harbouring even stranger thoughts, and we’ll end the evening not asking if cheese can cause us to have nightmares but actually be the subject of our sleepless night?

There’s something terrifying about a slow, insistent knocking or scratching at our door. But that’s nothing to when a sly finger strokes down our palm when we thought we were safe in our beds in a soft, cold, cold touch…



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