Cold Hands

ColdHandsCOVERcold hands cover

Now available via Amazon.

The COLD HORROR anthology series collects the horror stories of James Livermore. In Volume One: “Cold Hands”, we’ll meet a clown with a dark past concealed beneath his make-up, a murderous teddy bear, Jack The Ripper as he celebrates Halloween, and Kate, who only ever wants to help…whether you want it or not. We’ll travel deep into the jungle, to an island where the girl of your dreams awaits, to the deepest darkest depths of the ocean where forgotten gods reside, and finish the night in a blues club like no other. On the way, we’ll encounter ghosts, zombies, mermaids, and a creature that stalks the street on a mission to avenge those who created it…and at the end of our evening, we’ll pay for all our indulgences in a rather singular shop. If a cold hand reaches out of the darkness to take yours, don’t be alarmed. Your guide has merely arrived to show you the things that share the darkness with you.



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